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Episode 127: Kevin Corbiel - Crawling Through Tartarus

September 30, 2022

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In this episode I catch up with Crawling Through Tartarus guitarist Kevin Corbiel. The band were caught up in unwanted headlines in April of this year when, during a show they were playing a shooting occurred which killed one audience member and injured four others including the bands vocalist Matt Holzboog. In this interview Kevin explains exactly what happened, how it went down and tries to make sense of an experience no one, never mind a musician should ever go through.

Added to that there is the usual sprint through news stories that have caught my eye, click bait, heart felt well wishing, documentary updates, moving video clips and Gold Discs being handed out for nonexistent albums.

This Is Sharon Osbourne Bollocks.

Go Fund Me For Vocalist Matt Holzboog

Video Interview

Shane Hawkins Playing "My Hero".

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