Talking Bollocks

Movie B******s Review Special

April 25, 2022
In this episode you get my unwanted reviews/suggestions/ideas on twenty four movies and twelve TV series! They are: Gold, Encounter, The Rhythm Section, The King's Man, Nightmare Alley, Shepherd, No Exit, Here Before, Restless, The Magnificent Seven, Studio 666, Spiderman No Way Home, Windfall, Nightride, Locke, Out Of The Blue, House Of Gucci, The Bubble, Bull, Shut In, Metal Lords, After Yang, The Batman, The Outfit.
TV Shows: Ozark, Mayans, Hawkeye, The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window, Reacher, The Sinner, Future Man, Pieces Of Her, Russian Doll, Hard Cell, Archive 81, Better Call Saul.
This Is After Yang Bollocks.

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